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With today's orthodontic innovations, you can have straight teeth in just 9 – 15 months. With Invisalign™ clear aligners, we can correct the problems of gaps, overcrowding, overbite, underbite, and crossbite without the appearance of braces. Dr. Moss is very pleased to offer his patients this advanced method for straightening teeth.

With 3-D computer technology, a complete treatment plan is outlined starting with the current alignment of your teeth and progressing to your new smile. From this plan, thermoplastic aligners that resemble teeth whitening trays are created.

You start with the first set and approximately every two weeks, you move on to the next set. They gently move your teeth to a new position with each set of aligners, until you reach your last set and obtain your desired smile.

You only need to make office visits for a check-up every one to two months. Your total treatment time depends on your needs and goals.

The Discreet Choice for Confident StraighteningStraight Teeth - Dental Braces Dentist Maryville TN

One of the reasons patients choose Invisalign is that they are nearly invisible. Unlike metal braces, they are not noticeable unless someone looks at your teeth extremely close up. This adds to your confidence for your professional and social life during active treatment.

Aligners are one piece each for the upper and lower teeth. There are no irritating wires to adjust, no bulky metal attached to your teeth, and no headgear. This means no mouth irritation, making Invisalign very comfortable from start to finish.

A very big plus is that you can eat whatever you want during your months of treatment. They are removable for brushing and flossing, so there are no restrictions on what you can eat and drink. You don't have to give up the foods you love for months! They are easily replaced after cleaning your teeth and comfortable enough to wear all day and while you sleep.


A straighter smile is just a phone call away! Call for a no cost/no obligation consultation at (865) 983-4642 to determine if you're a candidate for Invisalign.


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In an effort to help control the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, our office will limit appointments to essential and emergency procedures until further notice.

This decision is in accordance with the recommendation released by the American Dental Association (ADA) and Tennessee Dental Association (TDA) to postpone elective procedures.

"Concentrating on emergency dental care will allow us to care for our emergency patients and alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on hospital emergency departments," the ADA said in a statement Monday.

If you have an upcoming hygiene or non-urgent appointment:

We will be in contact with you soon to reschedule and we will notify you when we are fully prepared to resume business as usual for all of our patients.

Our phone lines will remain open for your questions and concerns. If you are experiencing pain or have any dental emergency, please call our office at 865-983-4642.

At Moss Family Dentistry, we have always followed standard universal precautions issued by the CDC and ADA to help protect every one of our patients and team members from the many infectious diseases that we are potentially exposed to on a daily basis. For your peace of mind, these are the precautions we take EVERY time you sit in one of our patient chairs:

In addition to the above standard measures, we will be exercising a higher standard of infection-control in our waiting areas, including removing all magazines, toys, and other items that are difficult to disinfect. And while we love and value each of our patients, handshakes and hugs may be replaced with an "elbow bump" for the time being.

While we are doing everything in our power to protect you, we also ask for your cooperation in making our office environment a safe one when you visit us. If you have a cough, fever, or chills, please call our office to discuss whether or not you should reschedule. We will be checking temperatures on all patients as they enter and anyone with a reading over 99.9 degrees may be asked to reschedule at least three weeks later as a precaution. Also, to practice social distancing and minimize the number of people in our waiting room, please show up no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment and come alone if possible.

We care about each of you and hope that you and your family will remain in good health during this difficult time.

Whittaker Moss, DDS